How I Start My Business--Katrina Bacon

Katrina Bacon, who left her job in NYC, start a clothing brand and YouTube channel. Balancing motherhood and business, she inspires people like her to start their business. She shows the world that a woman can be a great mother and be a competent entrepreneur.

When and how did you get involved in crafting

I start my business at the beginning of COVID. When COVID happened, I had to home-school my son. Since I always want to create my clothing brand, I take the chance and start my business in one of my spare rooms. I start my Etsy and Shopify shop, doing craft things and birthday shirts, all different types. Meanwhile, I record my journey on YouTube and that’s when it became a really big business for me.

Troubles encountered along the business journey

When I first started, I had to familiarize myself with different machines, all the equipment, and every piece of vinyl. I need to learn what's the right temperatures, what is the right setting, how long to press them for, learn how to weed, and different things like that. But once I learn it, it just becomes a really simple process.

Who are your target audiences

Most of my target audience is females, women, and entrepreneurs who want to leave their full-time jobs and look to get into crafting, hoping to make it from their hobby to their full-time income. 

Your favorite products of HTVRONT

I love the stickers and the different specialty types of vinyl they had. I have been using HTVRONT products for probably a year now. I had the HTVRONT Auto Press for a few months. I love it.

Feelings when using HTVRONT Auto Heat Press

It's probably the best-looking heat press that I ever have, and it doesn't take up a lot of space. It is so small that I can put it on my little IKEA carts. And the auto-mode helps me to save much time.

Expectations towards HTVRONT/LOKLIK

I haven’t tried the LOKLIK products yet and I can’t wait to try it. My only suggestion is that you can push out a model for 16 by 20 because a larger size would be much more suitable for larger projects.