Get Inspiration From DIY--Ashley Anderson

Ashley Anderson, known as the Inspirational Mama who owns four kids, is a craft lover determined to inspire her community with a creative craft business. After leaving the medical field in 2021, she now expands her crafting hobby by building up her own business and sharing her innovative projects on social media. 

Why did you get involved in handicrafts

I first got involved in the handicraft industry when I had my second daughter, and I found that it was a lot less expensive to make my own things versus buying for two different kids. And then, as I had more kids, I just continued to learn to make more things. Crafting is fun, and I feel very satisfied after I make something. I can look back on it and say, "Oh, I made that."

How about your target audiences

My target audience would be the DIY Crafters themselves, folks that want to make their own things. I would say their age is from teenagers to followers who are probably in their 50s and 60s. And I partner with a few shops around my local hometown, and I put things in there on like a consignment basis. In this way, I sell my crafts to the audience.

What do you use HTVRONT products for

For now, I already have my 4th kid, and I make more crafts for them as a gift, like shirts with decals on them. And when they get invited to birthday parties for their friends, I'll make them things such as stickers and pads. Things like that.

How do you think of HTVRONT

My favorite product of HTVRONT is adhesive vinyl, like permanent adhesive vinyl. But then I've really got into the sublimation blanks, which I love among everything I've tried. I love HTVRONT and its products. The quality is awesome, and the price point is awesome. I typically make wooden signs more. So I use that Adhesive Vinyl for the most part, and it is way better quality than any other brand that I've ever used.

Expectations towards HTVRONT/LOKLIK 

I think it's going to be great. I'm excited to see the cutting machine today. I know that the Auto Heat Press is awesome, and I can only imagine as great as all the other products got that, this cutting machine will be top-notch, too.  Just keep doing what you're doing. You're doing great.