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  • [Machine bundle]HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press+T shirt Heat Press 10"x10" Machine
[Machine bundle]HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press+T shirt Heat Press 10"x10" Machine
[Machine bundle]HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press+T shirt Heat Press 10"x10" Machine
[Machine bundle]HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press+T shirt Heat Press 10"x10" Machine
[Machine bundle]HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press+T shirt Heat Press 10"x10" Machine

[Machine bundle]HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press+T shirt Heat Press 10"x10" Machine

Brand: HTVRONT AU Store
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Introduction of HTVRONT T Shirt Press
HTVRONT T shirt press is a easy press machine used to apply heat and pressure to transfer designs onto T shirts. T Shirt Press Machine features a sensitive pressure display function and uniform surface temperature to minimize ironing errors. With an integrated design, T shirt press is user-friendly and straightforward to operate and ideal for heat transfer vinyl and sublimation projects.

New Display Function
HTVRONT T Shirt Press now comes with an feature - a pressure, time, and temperature display function. With this feature, users can easily monitor and adjust the settings according to their specific requirements. The clear and easy-to-read display allows for precise control over the entire heat pressing process. This ensures consistent and high-quality results every time.
Faster & Higher Heating Up
Compared to a traditional heat press, HTVRONT T Shirt Press offers significant time savings, reducing heat-up time by nearly 60 seconds. Our T Shirt Press Machine is capable of evenly heating to precise temperatures at higher degrees, reaching up to 410°F/210°C. Say goodbye to uneven heat distribution and lengthy heat-up times - choose HTVRONT T Shirt Press for all your t-shirt sublimation needs.
Safty & Auto-shutoff
HTVRONT T Shirt Press comes with an insulated safety base, top and side handles that ensure your hands are kept away from the hot plate, reducing the risk of injuries. One of the standout safety features of this heat press machine is its automatic shut-off function. If the machine is not in use for 15 minutes, it will automatically power off to avoid accidentally fire hazard. When T Shirt Press machine is powered off for heat dissipation, it is recommended that you place T Shirt Press Machine on a black base to provide a stable, heat-resistant cooling surface for the heat press.
Instructions For Use

STEP 1: Adjust the HTVRONT T Shirt Press Settings
Press the temperature button, then use the +/- buttons to adjust the temperature between 70°F and 410°F. Click the time button to set the timer between 1 and 999 seconds using the +/- buttons, then let the machine heat up. You’ll hear a beeping sound when the countdown timer is up.
STEP 2: Two Ways to Apply Heat Pressure
Press the HTVRONT T Shirt Press on your HTV design. Remember to use the top handle to apply low pressure and the side handles for medium-high pressure designs.
STEP 3: Press the Design to Your Project.
Place the design correctly on the part of the garment you want to transfer it to. It’s essential to let the HTVRONT T Shirt Press pre-heat the garment for 5-10 seconds. This will remove any creases on the surface. Carefully, glide the T Shirt Press Machine around your project until the vinyl is fully adhered and the plastic lifts up with ease!
  • Package Dimensions:
  • 12.99 x 12.64 x 6.22 inches
  • Item Weight:
  • 7.98 pounds
Auto Tumbler Heat Press Auto Tumbler Heat Press
About Auto Tumbler Heat Press - Suits Various Tumblers & Mugs
HTVRONT Auto Tumbler is an automated heat press designed to work seamlessly with a variety of tumblers, mugs, and cups.
With just one click, this heat press enables professionals to work with utmost efficiency while providing novices with unmatched convenience.
It is ideal for designing one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends on holidays, anniversaries, festivals, birthdays, and other special occasions.

High-Security Feature
This machine intelligently shuts down after 15 minutes of inactivity, ensuring the safety of each user. Additionally, the emergency stop function provides extra protection from accidents.The memory mode is tailored for handling massive projects efficiently, while the faster, more even, and stable heating capabilities of the Auto Tumbler enhance the overall crafting experience.
Longer & Broader, Fancy Dreamer
Extend your creative ideas to a broader range of tumblers and mugs from 10 to 30oz, with a diameter of 7.5 to 8.5cm(2.95-3.35in). Experience unlimited possibilities for your creations and material choices!
Portable, Fashionable, Colorful, and Cheerful!
Brilliant ideas are often sparked by captivating items. This appealing and compact tumbler heat press perfectly complements the artistic taste of DIY enthusiasts. Designed with aesthetics in mind, every moment of handcrafting becomes a delightful experience.The LED screen and adjustable settings instill confidence, allowing you to unleash your wildest ideas with ease and efficiency!
Quick Start
HTVRONT takes care of all your worries and frustration!

Step 1
Power on your HTVRONT Auto Tumbler,the switch key lights.
Step 2
Set the proper time and temperature to preheat.The default heating temperature is 210℉/99℃, and the default heating time is the 20s.
Step 3
Insert your tumbler and sublimation image into the machine.
Step 4
Click the "Start" key to apply the machine.
Quick Reference Chart
  • Auto Tumbler Heat Press
  • ● This machine is a functional heating product. After use, please wait until it’s completely cooled down before checking and storing it to avoid burns.
    ● Please wear heat-resistant gloves when heat transferring.
    ● Do not immerse the product, power cord, and power plug in water. Do not wash the product with any liquid.
    ● Power-off memory: The last used setting will be remembered if the machine is turned off. The setting temperature and time of the normal working will be remembered if the power is cut.
  • 13*11*6.3in (328*278*160mm)
  • * Weight:9.48lbs (4.3kg)
    * Input Voltage:230V
  • * Auto Tumbler Heat Press x1
    * Heat-resistant Gloves x1 pair
    * Heat-resistant Tape x1 roll
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