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  • [Machine bundle]Auto+Tumbler+Hat Heat Press Machine
[Machine bundle]Auto+Tumbler+Hat Heat Press Machine
[Machine bundle]Auto+Tumbler+Hat Heat Press Machine
[Machine bundle]Auto+Tumbler+Hat Heat Press Machine
[Machine bundle]Auto+Tumbler+Hat Heat Press Machine

[Machine bundle]Auto+Tumbler+Hat Heat Press Machine

Brand: HTVRONT AU Store
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Auto Heat Press Machine
About HTVRONT Auto Heat Press:
HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is equipped with premium components, such as FCC & UL certificated wires and plugs, advanced pressure transducers, a high-tech resin display screen, an auto-adjust system for projects, and an automatic lifting structure, three-section buffer slide, dual-zone heating engine, and portable and ergonomic designs. HTVRONT heat press machine takes care of all your worries and frustration!

Auto Heat Press Machine
Smart Pressure Transducer
HTVRONT Auto Heat Press features the industry-first advanced pressure transducer, which allows it to auto-adjust optimal pressure for your placed item up to 2.5cm/1inch thick. Therefore, the heat press machine massively reduces guesswork and saves energy while in use. Meanwhile, this smart Heat Press Machine for T-shirts will release the item automatically after pressing, so you can feel assured to enjoy your parent-child time or have fun with pets during the process!
Auto Heat Press Machine
2X Faster Heating Time
This Heat Press 15""x15"" is characterized by fast and even heating. It only takes around 6mins to reach its maximum heating temperature of 210℃/410℉. As for the common use of 160°C, the heat press machine takes less than 4 minutes to heat up, which is almost twice faster as a regular heat press. Combined with NTC thermistor technology and a dual-zone heating engine, this Heat Press Machine provides uniform heat like the sunlight covering all corners. Hence, it makes sure the integrity and vibrant colors of your finished heat transfer projects!
Auto Heat Press Machine
Big Heat Plate & Efficient Modes
HTVRONT T-shirt Press Machine has a large heating plate that suits projects of multiple sizes. Perfectly enhance your efficiency while working with a complicated image. Besides, this Heat Press Machine combines multiple practical modes: 4 fast modes, 2 customer-defined modes, and an auto mode, which all start working by clicking one single button. With no assembly or difficult press-to-lock required, this Intelligent machine realizes your crafting dream easily!
Auto Heat Press Machine
Safety use & Auto-Off Feature
This 15""x15"" heat press machine features a pullout drawer design, which protects you from the heat source hovering over your hands as you work. With our exclusive H-Cooling technology and multiple layers of thermal insulation, the Iron-on Press loses heat efficiently that helps prevent scalds. Moreover, this Heat Press takes users' safety with full concern. It not only combines with a power cord certificated by FCC&UL, but its auto-off feature also works when there's no activity for 10 minutes. Therefore, you don't have to worry about fire hazards.
High-quality Components
HTVRONT Auto Heat Press is equipped with premium components, such as FCC & UL certificated wires and plugs, advanced pressure transducers, a high-tech resin display screen, an auto-adjust system for projects, and an automatic lifting structure, three-section buffer slide, dual-zone heating engine, and portable and ergonomic designs. HTVRONT takes care of all your worries and frustration!
Excellent Customer Service
HTVRONT commits to providing top-quality Auto Heat Press Machine at a reasonable price. With our detailed instructions included, users can get into the groove easily and quickly. The warranty period of this machine is 1 year from the date of purchase. If you have any questions with HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, please feel free to contact us ASAP. We will try our best to solve your problems and provide you with a joyful experience.
HTVRONT takes care of all your worries and frustration!
Instructions For Use
Step 1
Turn on the power and start the machine.Set the proper temperature and time for your material according to the manual.
Step 2
Place your materials and project on the pullout drawer plate.
Step 3
Push the plate with your project on it into the place and press.
Step 4
Waiting for pressing finish, take out your project, and enjoy it!
  • Automatic Heat Press Machine 15" x 15"
  • HTVRONT Auto Heat Press Set includes an Auto Heat Press, a 15""x15"" heating mat, instructions, and a 56.5*46.5*35cm (22.3*18.3*13.8in) package box.
Auto Tumbler Heat Press Auto Tumbler Heat Press
About Auto Tumbler Heat Press - Suits Various Tumblers & Mugs
HTVRONT Auto Tumbler is an automated heat press designed to work seamlessly with a variety of tumblers, mugs, and cups.
With just one click, this heat press enables professionals to work with utmost efficiency while providing novices with unmatched convenience.
It is ideal for designing one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends on holidays, anniversaries, festivals, birthdays, and other special occasions.

High-Security Feature
This machine intelligently shuts down after 15 minutes of inactivity, ensuring the safety of each user. Additionally, the emergency stop function provides extra protection from accidents.The memory mode is tailored for handling massive projects efficiently, while the faster, more even, and stable heating capabilities of the Auto Tumbler enhance the overall crafting experience.
Longer & Broader, Fancy Dreamer
Extend your creative ideas to a broader range of tumblers and mugs from 10 to 30oz, with a diameter of 7.5 to 8.5cm(2.95-3.35in). Experience unlimited possibilities for your creations and material choices!
Portable, Fashionable, Colorful, and Cheerful!
Brilliant ideas are often sparked by captivating items. This appealing and compact tumbler heat press perfectly complements the artistic taste of DIY enthusiasts. Designed with aesthetics in mind, every moment of handcrafting becomes a delightful experience.The LED screen and adjustable settings instill confidence, allowing you to unleash your wildest ideas with ease and efficiency!
Quick Start
HTVRONT takes care of all your worries and frustration!

Step 1
Power on your HTVRONT Auto Tumbler,the switch key lights.
Step 2
Set the proper time and temperature to preheat.The default heating temperature is 210℉/99℃, and the default heating time is the 20s.
Step 3
Insert your tumbler and sublimation image into the machine.
Step 4
Click the "Start" key to apply the machine.
Quick Reference Chart
  • Auto Tumbler Heat Press
  • ● This machine is a functional heating product. After use, please wait until it’s completely cooled down before checking and storing it to avoid burns.
    ● Please wear heat-resistant gloves when heat transferring.
    ● Do not immerse the product, power cord, and power plug in water. Do not wash the product with any liquid.
    ● Power-off memory: The last used setting will be remembered if the machine is turned off. The setting temperature and time of the normal working will be remembered if the power is cut.
  • 13*11*6.3in (328*278*160mm)
  • * Weight:9.48lbs (4.3kg)
    * Input Voltage:230V
  • * Auto Tumbler Heat Press x1
    * Heat-resistant Gloves x1 pair
    * Heat-resistant Tape x1 roll
About HTVRONT Hat Heat Press
The HTVRONT Hat Heat Press is a brand-new portable heat press exclusive to various hats.
With its built-in digital display screen, timer, and adjustable heat settings, there will be no more guesswork ironing designs.
Its multifunctional functional design allows you to craft fancy hats, structured caps, low-profile caps, and more with ease and efficiency.

Hat Heat Press Machine
Multifunctiona Functional Design
The heat press's home-friendly design enable sportable and space-saving convenience.Combined with the sturdy lid and match ironingmat, it guarantees strong support and suitabilityfor the heat plate and materials.
Hat Heat Press Machine
Fast & Even Heat
The HTVRONT Hat Heat Press adopts a castaluminum heat plate and NTC(Negative Temperature Coefficient) technology for heatingup efficiently and safely. The premium heat platedelivers uniform temperature edge-to-edge whilelasting longer for further use.
Hat Heat Press Machine
Intuitive Display Screen
This hat heat press machine equips a digital display screen showing the real-time heating temperature and countdown straight forwardly which allows you to monitor the ironing process
Hat Heat Press Machine
Adiustable Heat Settings
Supported by the flexible temperature and time settings(Max temperature: 390F/ 200C, time:600 s), the HTVRONT Hat Heat Press can meet allyour heat transfer needs.
Safety-Conscious Feature
This heat press machine is capable of shutting itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity, securing you and your family greatly along the craft journey.
For Diverse Hat Styles
The HTVRONT Hat Heat Press is designed to serve every hat lover with its exclusive curved plate and ironing mat, suiting a variety of hat and cap blanks, such as structured caps and low-profile caps. Best for memorable gifts, advertisements, promotional activities, and so on.
Quick Reference Chart
Instruction For Use
Place the ironing mat, hat, andmaterials in order on the storage lid
Press the "Set,+,-" buttons to set theproper time and temperature
Press the "Power" button for 2s and apply the machine
Share your creation with family and friends
  • * Weight: 2.2 lb/ 1.0 kg
    * Input Voltage:230V
    * Dimensions: 8.1 × 6.5 × 6.3 in/ 20.5 × 16.5 × 16 cm
    * Temperature: 210-390℉/100-200℃
  • * HTVRONT Hat Heat Press
    * Hat Pressing Lid
    * lroning Mat
    * Insulated Safety Base
    * Travel Bag
    * User Manual

    Q1:Why cannot the buttons react accordingly?
    Al:Make sure the machine is powered;
    A2:Cut the power and restart the machine;
    A3:Follow theinstructions strictly while in use.
    Q2:How to convert the temp unit?
    Al:Press the “Set”key for 3s to convert the temp unit(°F/°C).
    Q3:Why does the machine make “beep”sounds?
    Al:Beep once:the machine is powered,the countdown ends,or when it automatically shuts off;
    A2:Beep constantly with"E1"or"E2"on the screen:cut the power immediately and restart the machine.
    Q4:What to do when the machine stops working suddenly?
    Al:Check ifthe machine is powered;
    A2:Cut the power immediately and restart.
    Q5:How do you make sure the successful transfer results?
    Al:Make sure the time and temp settings are suitable for the materials;
    A2:Make sure the hat is perfectly fit to the ironing mat;
    A3:Make sure the design is tightly fixed to the hat;
    A4:Cold peel off the protective film.
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